LEVEL 1- Is about Safety, establishing Communication and building a solid Foundation. It is the
                   beginning foundation that teaches us to put the Relationship First. It starts us on our
                   journey to better our Feel, Timing and Balance. Your horse responds to phases 3/4.
LEVEL 2-  Is about Confidence and Harmony between you and your horse. Impulsion and Positive
                    Reflexes that set us up for less and less usage of our reins for control leading to more subtle
                    communication. Horse responds to phases 2/3.  Walk- Trot Trnasitions. 
LEVEL 3- Raport, Respect, Impulsion and Flexion come together.  You will be taking the 4 Savvy's to a                             higher level of understanding.  You will achieve Flexion with your horse both Latitudinally &                            Longitudinally 60% of the time.   Horse is responsive at phase 2.    Walk- Trot- Canter transitions.
LEVEL 4-  Fundamentals of Performance. Flexed Latitudinal,Longitudinal & Vertically 95%.                           Horse responds confidently at phase 1/2. 
                 Canter-Gallop Jumps, Laterals, Transitions in all gaits. 
LESSONS:  Jerilyn provides Private, Semi-Private and Small Group lessons tailored to your Partnership.  
                         Your goals and Dreams for you and your horse are very important to her.  Jerilyn's teaching style effortlessly and seamlessly incorporates                            Parelli Principles into all that she does with her students, both horse and human!

Levels CLINICS: (See more details below): Jerilyn offers Levels Clinics 1, 2,3, and 4 in all Savvys; On-Line, Liberty, Freestyle and Finesse.
                                     She offers Specialized Clinics, for example; Safe Trail Riding, Jumping, etc.  
                                                             Jerilyn will also tailor Lessons and Clinics to your unique Dreams and Goals.

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Be sure to check with Jerilyn to make sure of details and pricing. Some items that are not covered include gas for travel, arena charges, training horse feed/hay.  
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