Available Horses
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Jerilyn has several horses available for your consideration as your next Perfect Parelli Partner.

 Atwood Ranch,
 in partnership with Parelli Natural Horsemanship, 
have entrusted several fine, time honored and carefully bred horses to a very few 
select Parelli Instructors.

Jerilyn is proud to have several Atwood Ranch up-and-coming young horses in her Colt Start program.  

She also has several horses with her for re-starts and looking for forever partners. 
Please contact Jerilyn if you are interested in any of the horses posted here or to see if there are others that may suit your dream!
3 year old, Mare   ~sold~
3 year old, Mare
Big CONGRATULATIONS!!! To Janet in Ohio and to MK on their new Partnership!  Happy Times to you both!

3 yr old Atwood Ranch Mare - Sorrel. Sweet. Sensitive. Will need a very advanced rider with lots of experience handing highly sensitive horses. Visit Jeriyn's website at jerilyncaldwell.com to see a video of her under saddle (click the available horses tab)
She is a full sister of Glo (A horse Ryan Rose rode often at Parelli). Her sire is I'll Be Smart and Dam is A Glows Little Rio by Powder River Playboy. 14.1 Hands

4 yr old Sorrel QH Gelding. Green Broke. Great low energy, mostly left brained introvert horse. Would be a super trail horse. Has been out on a trail ride twice. Cribs but is easily stopped by hot wire. 15.3 Hands - $1500

6 yr old Buckskin QH Gelding. Sensitive. Green broke. Great for an intermediate to advanced rider who wants a horse that is flashy and talented. Low to Medium Spirited Left/Right brain Introvert. Great trail or recreational cow horse prospect. Also likes to jump. 15 hands - $1,250

12 yr old registered Palomino QH Mare. Lead mare in the herd but does not try to dominate people. Mother to Skipper and Billy Mac. Very sensitive. Has been trailered to the Parelli Florida and Colorado campus'. Medium to high spirited Left/Right Brained Extrovert. Been on trail rides and ridden by kids. 14.2 hands - $2,250

18 yr old Sorrel Apendix QH Gelding. Ex-Barrel horse. Has many hours on the trail but prefers to move out (trot) over walking. 15.3 Hands - $800

14 yr old Registered black and white Paint Mare. Right eye is blue. Gypsy is currently healing from a pasture injury (pulled muscle/tendon) and won't be sold until she is healthy. Been ridden by kids. Would be best as a trail horse over an 'arena' (reining, etc) horse. Low spirited Right brained Introvert. Easy keeper. 15 Hands When she is sound her sale price will be $1,500

Lily belongs to my neighbor. She is an 8 yr old Grey Mare. 1/2 Arab-1/2 QH. Very smooth to ride. Great little jog trot. Has been ridden by multiple people and kids. 14 Hands. $700.